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Shanda Higgins is a National Certified Licensed Professional Counselor and owner of WholeLife Counseling Center in Summerville, SC.  Ms. Higgins' experience in the government and private sectors, both as an employee and owner, has afforded her with experience as a chief executive office and in areas such as human resources and personnel and industrial security.  Ms. Higgins also brings her 19 years of ministerial experience serving with spiritual leaders and lay persons across the nation, teaching and training at local, regional and national conferences.  Ms. Higgins hold an associate degee in Christian Education, a Bachelors in Psychology and a Masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling and Human Development. 


In this course, Ms. Higgins has merged her education, training and experience to help those who serve their communities be better able to prepare for and respond to mental health crisis and non-crisis situations.  

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