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Team members are at the heart of every organization's success. When the team feels their well-being is supported, organizations thrive.  Mental health challenges are the norm among employees across all organizational levels in the United States.


In Mind Share Partners’ 2021 Mental Health at Work Report, "Seventy-six percent of respondents reported at least one symptom of a mental health condition in the past year, up from 59% in 2019".  This supports the notion that mental health challenges affect nearly all of us on a regular basis and we're not immune when we're at work or serving our communities.  

WholeLife offers high-quality care that improves mental health outcomes which, in turn, reduces absenteeism and medical claims, leading to notable cost savings.  We do this through management consulting, in-house and on-line mental health assessments, trainings and specific groups. These include topics such as, but are not limited to:


• Anger Management
• Anxiety Disorders
• Communication Skills
• Depression and other Mood Disorders
• Interpersonal Effectiveness
• Posttraumatic Stress Disorder and Trauma
• Social Skills Development
• Stress Management
• Substance Abuse
• Workplace Performance Enhancement

• Spiritual Abuse/Trauma

• Mental Health & Faith

-Mental Health First Aid for Communities Training (Click Link to go to Course Page)

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