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WholeLife Network

WholeLife Network services can be added to psychological services or be scheduled as stand alone service.



Join our WholeBody Fit™ and Stretch Therapy Classes Online.  



Nutritional Wellness

Explore the interconnections between your diet and your psychological and behavioral experiences and outcomes.  Learn what foods can promote wellness for your body and establish healthy psychology and habits as it relates to nutrition.

Faith (SpiritAlive™)

WholeLife has partnered with The Agency, a Christian faith ministry, to offer SpiritAlive. SpiritAlive is a client paced program specifically designed to support our clients who desire to strengthen their spiritual life and explore any implications surrounding any mental health challenge.  

SpiritAlive can be an addition to a counseling service and/or WholeBody Fit services or a stand alone service. All SpiritAlive programs serviced by The Agency are free of charge.

Click the button below for more information and to register for a Spirit Alive session.

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