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At WholeLife, we are committed to helping patients achieve optimal mental health and wellness. We specialize in providing counseling and therapy services to adolescents and adults who are experiencing depression, anxiety, trauma, grief, life transitions, attachment challenges and distress in relationships. We work with parents and children to offer practical feedback and skills to help them move toward harmony and understanding.  We believe in a holistic approach to mental health, which includes the use of evidence based techniques as well as holistic resources. 


To expand our ability to assist our clients with greater wellness, we have established the WholeLife Network. The WholeLife Network was formed as a response to the overwhelming scientific research demonstrating the positive effects of fitness, nutrition and spirituality on mental health.  We have partnered with certified fitness and nutrition experts and faith-based ministries to develop and offer wellness programs for our clients and our community at large. Patients are able to add any or all of these services to their treatment plan. Our goal is to support you on your unique journey to achieve your goals.


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Patient Testimonial

I started going to therapy in order to get help and work through hard things in my life, but it has ended up being so much more than that. I have learned valuable skills to help assess everyday problems and I have learned to have a new outlook on life. I am a completely different person than I was the day I started therapy and I owe that to Mrs. Higgins.

- Grace M.

Shanda Higgins, LPC, NCC

After serving in the United States Air Force and working as a civil servant for many years, Shanda felt a calling to go back to school so she could serve her community in the field of mental health care.  Shanda earned a Masters in Counseling & Human Development with a focus in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. In 2019, Shanda received the honor of being inducted into the Counseling Academic and Professional Honor Society International for her achievements.


Since then, she has served primarily in private practices working with adolescents and adults.  Shanda specializes in helping others untangle the web of thoughts, emotions and experiences to get to root sources of stress, pain, trauma (to include spiritual trauma), confusion, fear, and sadness. She uses evidence-based and practical therapies along with holistic resources to help clients learn and practice new ways of processing the past and present so they can reach their goals.  Some of the evidenced based modalities Shanda practices are: Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Trauma-Focused CBT, Cognitive Processing Therapy, Acceptance Commitment Therapy and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy and others.


Shanda is a native of Charleston, SC.  When not at WholeLife, she enjoys spending time with her family and playing tennis. 

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